Why should I keep my water at ideal level?

Your water level is very important and needs to be at the right height. This helps keep the pool running without complications. If this isn't maintained correctly the pump can draw in air. If it gets too low, then it can cause the motor to stop working and cause numerous damages. Now the motor isn't the only thing that can have damage. The pipes can melt due to the steam the motor is producing when running without water. If this does happen, turn off the pump and call a certified pool technician to take a look at how much damage was caused.

How long should I run my pump?

Many pool owners don't leave their pumps running long enough, which can cause critical damage to other parts of the pool, such as the filter, heater, chlorinator, or automatic pool cleaner. These functions may not work at optimum performance without an efficient pump. It is recommended that you use a 2-speed pump and allow it to run 24/7.

Why should I maintain the correct PH balance?

Salt chlorination increases the pH level of the water in your pool, so if you don't add enough muriatic acid into your pool at least once a week, it can develop scale. Scale appears as white streaks on the walls of the pool, which can cause damage to the walls, especially if they are colored.

Why should I do weekly cleaning using brushes and balance chemicals?

Brushing cleans the walls of the pool, which is usually done weekly. Chemicals are used to prevent algae build-up and balance the pH levels.  Chlorine tablets and shock are used to purify water that has become cloudy or odorous. Make sure that you always keep pool chemicals locked away, in a cool place, away from kids and animals.