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Stefanie Herlan (The Rockstar)


Stefanie Herlan is a co-owner and Rockstar at CoastLife Pool & Spa.  She is a Rockstar for the pure simple reason of being able to  deal with her husband Craig (Co-Owner and President) and allowing them to move back to Florida where Craig is from to start up their newest venture, CoastLife Pool & Spa and have a family.  Stefanie worked hard at the beginning as our Customer Service and Accounting Rockstar to get CoastLife Pool & Spa off the ground.  She has been raising Craig and her's son, Jaxson and Daughter Presley the past years.  She helps out with more behind the scenes when it comes to CoastLife and less in the forefront these days, but she still is a Rockstar!

Stefanie's passion is working with people. She loves helping people get what they need. She has exercised her communication, organization, and customer service skills at both small and large companies.